Terms & Conditions

Pipeology Ltd (Pipeology) service – Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully

1. By accepting this service agreement, you accept the details and price listed and agree to Pipeology carrying out the service as described.

2. By accepting this service agreement, you accept these terms and conditions.
Service, Price and Payment

3. The service provided is subject to withdrawal by Pipeology at any time before acceptance by the client. Otherwise contract remain valid for 365 days with a 30 day notice of cancelation.

4. All services are undertaken from an expert engineer, using information supplied by the client and a non-intrusive inspection. Any additional work, materials or goods required, that could not be anticipated from the initial appraisal, such as structural matters or hidden faults, may be subject to an additional charge.

5. By accepting this service terms and conditions you agree to fully pay/monthly payments Pipeology by cash, cheque or BACS. Pipeology reserve the right to charge 8% interest on late payments as provided for in the County Court procedure rules.
Description and Quality

6. This service relates to the products and services described. If accepted by the client, Pipeology are not responsible for any work not listed in the service. Any variations to the service, price or scheduled work must be agreed by both parties.

7. Pipeology will use reasonable care and skill in providing the service and will correct any problems or accidental damage caused by the work. This does not cover any redecoration or renewing flooring etc. which is not directly part the service process.

8. On completion of the service you should carefully inspect the goods and workmanship and inform Pipeology of any problems within a reasonable time. You must then allow Pipeology timely access to investigate your enquiry. Any alteration or interference with work undertaken by Pipeology, before Pipeology can review the work, may invalid Pipeology’s obligation to carry out remedial work.

9. Pipeology will make every effort to carry out the service on the agreed date, but delays may occur for reasons beyond our control. If such a delay occurs, we will contact you to re-arrange the date. By agreeing this document you agree to allow a reasonable time to re-schedule the service where necessary.

10. You agree to allow unrestricted access to the relevant parts of your home and move bulky furniture before the service date, to allow Pipeology to carry out the scheduled work during at all reasonable times. Failure to provide access to your property, on any agreed service dates, may incur additional charges.
Cancellation by the Client.

11. If you want to cancel this contract after accepting the terms and conditions, you must do so within a reasonable time and notify Pipeology as soon as possible. Pipeology retain the right to make charge clients for any goods/service or callouts before notice of cancellation has been received.

12. Workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months from completion of the agreed work. Guarantees are subject to appropriate care of the products supplied and the customer carrying out maintenance advised by Pipeology. Any evidence of misuse or accidental damage will invalidate the guarantee. Any unauthorised repairs or alterations will also invalidate the guarantee.

13. Any issues should be reported as soon as possible. Claims should be reported to Pipeology. Your statutory rights are unaffected. Governing Law

14. Any disputes arising from this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.