Tyforcor 20L Antifreeze


Tyforcor 20L Antifreeze

  • TYFOCOR®L is a practically odorless, hygroscopic liquid based on non-toxic propylene glycol and can be used for food and beverage and drinking water applications as a coolant or heat transfer fluid.
  • The corrosion inhibitors inTYFOCOR® L reliably protect all the metal materials normally used in heating and solar systems over the long term against corrosion, aging, and scaling.
  • TYFOCOR®L keeps heat transfer surfaces clean, ensuring consistently high system efficiency. TYFOCOR® L is fully miscible with water and protects against freezing down to –50°C (depending on the concentration). Substances which cause water hardness have no influence on the efficiency of TYFOCOR® L and do not result in precipitates forming in TYFOCOR® L solutions.
  • AqueousTYFOCOR® L mixtures do not demulsify.
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Tyforcor 20L Antifreeze

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