Kingspan TMAX HP400 Tubes (10)


Kingspan TMAX HP400 Tubes (10)

Designed specifically for higher latitude climates, Thermomax products provide heat even in cold, windy or humid conditions.
The unique ‘plug and play’ design of Thermomax solar collectors makes installation quick and easy. There is no need for heavy lifting equipment as tubes can be carried onto the roof individually.
An improved hinge means the lid is never separated from the manifold and a tube retaining lip is incorporated into the lid.
A shorter neck on the tubes reduces movement, retaining their flexibility but making them easier to insert.
A superior vacuum is maintained over a longer period of time through.
The dry fit of heat pipe tubes allows easy maintenance as tubes can be removed without draining the system.
30% more effective than flat plate collectors.

HP400 collectors contain a unique temperature limitation device for system protection.
The device is open and heat transfer occurs until the condenser reaches its set point temperature.
Snap disks operate and close the device, stopping heat transfer into condenser.
Device re-opens as temperature falls below the set point, reactivating heat transfer.

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Kingspan TMAX HP400 Tubes (10)



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