Kingspan TMAX DF400-3SQM Manifold


Kingspan TMAX DF400-3SQM Manifold

The Kingspan DF400 is a highly efficient Direct Flow collector, providing a perfect solution when the ideal position is not available. It is a fully pumped ‘Wet System’ and can be installed on facades or flat roofs both horizontally and vertically.
It is especially recommended for industrial and commercial use.

The DF400 manifold comes in two sizes. The 20 tube version is equivalent to approximately 2 sqM of collector and the 30 tube is approximately 3 sqM.
If you need an intermediate size there is also the Varisol DF version which uses a click connect system to build a system with any number of tubes .

In conjunction with the manifold you will also need Kingspan DF400 tubes, the relevant roof mounting kit and a Thermomax connection kit or a Thermomax first fix kit.

Please note that the manifold/tube system is not self-supporting and will need a fixing kit to give support  to the tubes and collector.

The Thermomax connection kit is needed as the DF400 has a push-in connection system. The connection kit terminates with a 22mm compression fitting so would require a Solarmetalflex 22mm smooth tube fitting to connect to pre-insulated pipe.

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Kingspan TMAX DF400-3SQM Manifold



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