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At Pipeology we use our plumbing and heating knowhow to keep your home warm.
Where homes have more than one bathroom, they typically have a hot water cylinder (or “tank”) as well as a boiler. This is to manage the increased demands of water usage.

We can replace exsisting cylinders and Boilers or install new ones, including solar Thermal varieties. We also offer annual service plans.

More than 30 years experience

Replacement or new installations

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If your existing hot water cylinder is failing, aging or has leaks, Pipeology can help.

With over 30 years heating experience, we can advise on the different cylinder types available, including solar. We install the replacement that best suits your needs.

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New hot water cylinders

If your home is being extended, you may need additional hot water cylinder capacity. You might also want to consider solar Thermal, which can reduce your energy bills for hot water.

With our plumbing and heating knowhow, we can make sure your hot water heating system can cope with increases in demand.

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How we work

We work with a trusted Pipeology network of plumbing and heating engineers, who can carry out heating installations and service plans throughout the UK.
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If you’re a professional installer, you can buy our hot water cylinders online.

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